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Top 10 Most Successful Celebrity Chefs

Celebrity Chefs are a unique entity, unlike any other profession.  

Where fans can watch a professional sports event (football, golf, tennis), we know that we can never be as good as they are in their particular field of play.  We’ll play those sports for fun, with the full realization that we would never be able to do anything even close to what those folks are able to pull off on a regular basis.

But celebrity chefs?  They’re just cooking.  We can cook, too.

It doesn’t take that much skill to grill a steak to perfection – Web Watch does this all the time, and our steaks come out absolutely fantastic.

Restaurant-quality, if we do say so ourselves.

Granted, we need to pay a little more for some higher-quality ingredients on occasion to really pull off some incredible meals, but that’s a choice that we consciously make.  In any case, the average home cook does have the exact same tools available to them as the Celebrity Chef does, so in some ways it really is an even playing field here.

Food Media: Celebrity Chefs and the Politics of Everyday Interference
Food Media: Celebrity Chefs and the Politics of Everyday Interference

And yet the fascination with Celebrity Chefs is that they can run their giant food empire and still maintain that connection with their fans – through food, the international language.

Back in 2008, Forbes listed who they felt were the Top Ten Celebrity Chefs at the time.   Here’s a more up-to-date list of 25 TOP CELEBRITY CHEFS that covers a bit more ground and detail.

The top 10 celebrity chefs from this list are:

  1. Wolfgang Puck
  2. Jamie Oliver
  3. Alain Ducasse
  4. Joel Robuchon
  5. Paula Deen
  6. Nobu Matsuhisa
  7. Guy Fieri
  8. Daniel Boulud
  9. Todd English
  10. Bobby Flay

Web Watch can say that we’ve eaten at restaurants from half of those on the above list…. and generally speaking, they offer relatively good fare.  We did have a slightly disappointing meal at one location, but we’ll chalk that up to being that our expectations going in were much, much higher than they should have been.  We’d go back, but knowing what we’d be going into is half the battle.