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Celebrity tattoos (you know you want one)

Tattoo Nation: Portraits of Celebrity Body Art
Tattoo Nation: Portraits of Celebrity Body Art

Do you have any tattoos?

If so, are they the same old ones that everyone else has, such as a tribal armband, butterfly on the hip, or an oriental letter on the back of your neck?

Yeah, you thought getting a tattoo would make you unique – but because you got the same tattoo that everyone else has gotten, you’re really just following the crowd.

Which is why you needed to get yourself a CELEBRITY TATTOO.

See, we’re not talking about getting yourself a tattoo just like a celebrity you admire has.  No, Web Watch is talking about getting a tattoo image of a celebrity added somewhere on your body – like thse people have.

Show your TRUE love for a particular TV show or movie.  Nothing says that you’re in charge more than having Tony Danza of Charles in Charge on your leg. Urkel on your arm.  Bob Barker on your shoulder.

Yeah, these folks are REAL fans.  The question is — are you?