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20 Least Appropriate Tattoos for Girls

face tattoosIn case you were wondering about whether you should get a tattoo or not, you might want to take a look at these 20 TATTOOS YOU DON’T WANT TO GET IF YOU’RE A GIRL.

And yes, all the usual suspects are here, including:

  • The One that Makes You Look like a Cross between a Tiger and Ivan Drago
  • The One That Implies You Have A Baby-Eating Shark In Your Armpit
  • The One That’s Likely to Get Your Boyfriend (or Domestic Partner) Thrown in Jail
  • The One that Turns Your Leg into a Children’s Game
  • The One That Turns Your Prime Real Estate Into A Board Game
  • The One That Fingers You As A Suspect Should Anything Happen To Ray Romano
  • The One that Could Get you Sued by George Lucas
  • The One that Places a Bible Verse Right Above Your Ass Crack

and more.. with pictures!

What, no unicorns?