Breast Cancer Awareness: Grow Your Pits For …

Are you someone who would like to participate in any number of October’s traditional charity functions to raise money to battle breast cancer or otherwise raise awareness, but just don’t feel like – or unable to – going on a two- or three-day walk?

Maybe you’re a bit tired of eating all that Yoplait yogurt and saving up all the pink tops, and you are purposefully avoiding catering to any company that decides to “Go Pink” as a marketing ploy.

So what is there that you can do that’s a little bit off the beaten path, but still gives you an opportunity to show that you are supportive of a very important cause?  After all, men have MOVEMBER, so what’s a woman to do?

Hug A Tree But Shave Your Armpits Women's Shirt
Hug A Tree – But Shave Your Armpits


All you have to to is become an UNSHAVEN MAVEN, and proudly stop shaving your armpits.

An UNSHAVEN MAVEN is a woman who passes trusted knowledge onto others, via humor and personal discomfort.  And what’s more uncomfortable than having a super hairy armpit?  That’s the philosophy behind this unique way to raise awareness of breast cancer that cuts through all the other Pink Ribbon festivities that go on throughout October.  Which is why Malorie Bertrand and Amie Beausoleil came up with the idea in the first place

Your ultimate goal is to be named The Pit Boss, for raising the most money through your selfless hair growing.  Or you can be named the Brad Pit, for having the manliest armpit.

There’s a Facebook page all setup that has more information for you (Web Watch would point you towards the web site, but Google seems to not be happy with that site’s server at the time of this writing so we won’t link it at this time – see, we do care about our users here at Web Watch).