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Products to Help Check Yourself for Breast Cancer

breast cancer self exam aidNational Feel Your Boobies Week continues…

There are a few products on the market that can help you perform a monthly self-exam with more confidence and accuracy than if you didn’t use these products.

One common complaint from women performing a breast self-examination is that they don’t know what they’re feeling for.   The PLEXUS PINK BREAST CHEK KIT is a small sponge pad that feels like breast tissue.   Inside the sponge is a small slit that you can place different size pellets.

With the pellets inside, running your finger on the outside of the breast chek kit should give you an idea of what a lump or similar area would feel like in your own breast.  Sometimes, just knowing what you’re looking for is half the battle in early detection.

So after playing with the chek kit, you’re ready to do the exam on yourself.

You can try the product shown above, or you can try LIV from Olivia Newton-John.  Yes, the GREASE girl has come out with her own LIV-brand Self Exam Kit.

Both of these are polyurethane encased gel packs that enhance the feeling of your skin underneath.  Similar to how a small pebble in your shoe is more annoying when you’re wearing socks than not, these help isolate and locate anything under the skin.