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How to make the English Garden cocktail martini, a recipe inspired by Gordon Ramsay Steak

Web Watch was in Las Vegas recently, where we had the pleasure of dining at GORDON RAMSAY STEAK at the Paris Las Vegas casino.

Needless to say, famed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay wasn’t there that night, but we’ll just offer a quick review of the place: in one word, “fantastic”.

Of course, it didn’t help that having Chef Ramsay’s name on the marquee led to a constant parade of tacky tourists with their camera phones, t-shirts, and flip-flops barging into the main dining area to take a photo or two of a place that they’re not spending a nickle in.  It was a bit disruptive to those of us with our own camera phones who were diving in to our own 2-hour dining spectactular.

But regardless of the lack of control the hosting staff had in preventing the riff-raff from interfering with our fine dining, Web Watch highly recommends Gordon Ramsay Steak for your next Las Vegas dining experience.

What?  You’re not planning on heading out to Vegas anytime soon?  Well – let Web Watch bring you a little bit of Gordon Ramsay to your kitchen…