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The Top Grossing Nightclubs and Bars for 2013

Nobody likes to go to a bar or nightclub that’s empty.  Chances are, it’s empty for a reason.

And it’s likely to close soon.

There’s a reason that most nightclubs and bars operate on a cash-only basis – they may not be around long enough to warrant opening a credit card processing account with their bank.  If they even have a bank at all.

Nightclub Wristbands
Nightclub Wristbands

Not so much with popular clubs and bars — they are popular because people WANT to be there.

To see and be seen.

And some of these clubs are making money hand over fist.  No wonder they can afford to pay celebrities upwards of $100,000 a night just to show their face in the door and hopefully attract the Beautiful People to come in.

So which are the clubs that people wanted to be at in 2013?  Let’s take a look at the TOP 25 GROSSING BARS AND NIGHTCLUBS LIST FOR 2013:

  1. XS Nightclub, Las Vegas
  2. Marquee LV, Las Vegas
  3. TAO LV, Las Vegas
  4. LIV, Miami
  5. Surrender Nightclub, Las Vegas
  6. Pure, Las Vegas
  7. LAVO NY, New York
  8. Tryst, Las Vegas
  9. LAVO LV, Las Vegas
  10. Mango’s Tropical Cafe, Miami
  11. Greystone Manor, Hollywood
  12. Hyde Bellagio, Las Vegas
  13. Haze, Las Vegas
  14. 1 OAK Las Vegas, Las Vegas
  15. Pacha New York, New York
  16. LAX, Las Vegas
  17. The Pool After Dark, Atlantic City
  18. Seacrets, Ocean City MD
  19. Avalon Hollywood, Hollywood CA
  20. Vanity, Las Vegas
  21. gh0stbar, Las Vegas
  22. Clevelander, Miami
  23. PHD, New York
  24. The Chandelier Bar, Las Vegas
  25. The Bank Nightclub, Las Vegas

What does it take to be in the top 25?  earnings of about $15-$20 million per year up through about $100 million per year.