Would you quit your job if you won the lottery?

We’ve all dreamt about winning the lottery and what we would do.

There’s the ever-popular “buy a house, buy a car, buy an island” aspect of having more money than you would ever know what to do with.

People would become philanthropists. Hermits, Hide from your family and money-grubbing friends.

The Lottery
The Lottery

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If you’re reading this right now, chances are you didn’t win the lottery

So we hear that you may have bought a lottery ticket or two recently, hoping to maybe win big.

Hey – it could happen. It only takes one set of numbers to win, right?  And somebody’s going to win the lottery eventually – it can’t keep growing forever without a winner, as that would end up decreasing sales if customers ever figured out that nobody ever wins.

That’s why we still bother to try, because while the chances of winning the lottery drawing are practically nil, it’s still a one in millions chance of hitting… and that’s better odds than not bothering to buy a ticket in the first place.

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How to predict winning lottery numbers

“How to predict winning lottery numbers?”  Let’s be a bit more specific — today we’re going to talk about why it really doesn’t matter what lottery numbers you pick.


Look – winning the lottery is one of those one-in-a-billion opportunities.  Sure, someone somewhere is going to hit the Powerball or Megamillions jackpots – but they’re definitely not going to be able to tell you how they did it.

But lottery fever is going to take over your family, your office. Everyone is going to want you to pitch in your dollar for a chance at the multi-million dollar prize.

The question is, should you?

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How to win by buying Scratch-off Lottery Tickets

We’ve all done this.

We’re running late to a birthday party, and we don’t know what to get.  Or we’ve forgotten a Christmas gift for the company White Elephant gift exchange.

Or you’re just feeling a little impish and decide to spend a few dollars on something fun – just in case.

What do you do?  You find yourself in line at the local convenience store buying $10 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets.

But how do you decide which ones to buy?  They’re all the same, right?

No, not really.

Only some of them are more likely to pay off in the giant jackpot that you’ve been dreaming of.

And Web Watch is here to tell you The Secret to Winning the Lottery using Scratch-Off tickets…. and all it takes is a little bit of smarts.