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The 10 Most Expensive States to Live In

As you grow older and think about the different places you could possibly move to, a few options regularly come up –  Florida?  Arizona? Tennessee?

The primary focus tends to be on taxes, and how big of a hit your retirement nest egg could take every year if you choose the wrong state to retire in.

But is that the only criteria you should use when choosing a place to live?  Probably not.

Modern Budget Forecasting in the American States: Precision, Uncertainty, and Politics
Modern Budget Forecasting in the American States:
Precision, Uncertainty, and Politics

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What is your favorite number? (Don’t tell us, we already know)

There’s a reason that magicians and casinos both can fool you and take your money.

It’s all about the math.  The probability.  The statistics.

It’s about identifying the key common trait that everybody has, but is afraid to admit.  If a magician asks you to pick a card, which card do you always pick?  Do you think of one card, and then immediately switch to some other card (saying to yourself, “aha! they wanted me to pick that first card that came to my head, but I’ll show them”)…. only to find yourself at the end looking directly at the magician presenting you with The Card You Picked!?!?:!

It’s not always luck.

The Grapes of Math: How Life Reflects Numbers and Numbers Reflect Life
The Grapes of Math:
How Life Reflects Numbers and Numbers Reflect Life

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How to win a billion dollars with your NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Bracket

By now, you’ve likely heard about Warren Buffett’s offer to pay out ONE BILLION DOLLARS to the person who registers and wins a 100% PERFECT BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT BRACKET.   (Note that they are not allowed to use the term “March Madness”, as Yahoo! Sports and Quicken Loans are not official sponsors of the tournament.

So what are your actual chances of winning that $1 Billion Grand Prize?

NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament Bracket
NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament Bracket


You have better odds of winning the lottery than you do in winning Scrabble

If you’ve ever played a game of Scrabble, you probably fall into one of two categories of players:  those that can always figure out a way to play a seven-letter word on a Triple Word Score (and typically win a game by more than 200 points), or you struggle determining where to place an “E” for a 2 point score.

If you fall into the latter group: don’t panic – you’re not alone.  Not everybody can memorize word lists and play any Scrabble word at will.

Scrabble Letter Tiles
Scrabble Letter Tiles

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NFL Quarterbacks’ most popular passing locations

Now that NFL football season is here, let’s take a look at some more interesting information that could help you in your future career as an NFL Talent Agent as you work your Fantasy Football team up.

QB Cam Newton Wall Graphic Fathead
QB Cam Newton

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If you’re reading this right now, chances are you didn’t win the lottery

So we hear that you may have bought a lottery ticket or two recently, hoping to maybe win big.

Hey – it could happen. It only takes one set of numbers to win, right?  And somebody’s going to win the lottery eventually – it can’t keep growing forever without a winner, as that would end up decreasing sales if customers ever figured out that nobody ever wins.

That’s why we still bother to try, because while the chances of winning the lottery drawing are practically nil, it’s still a one in millions chance of hitting… and that’s better odds than not bothering to buy a ticket in the first place.

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How to predict winning lottery numbers

“How to predict winning lottery numbers?”  Let’s be a bit more specific — today we’re going to talk about why it really doesn’t matter what lottery numbers you pick.


Look – winning the lottery is one of those one-in-a-billion opportunities.  Sure, someone somewhere is going to hit the Powerball or Megamillions jackpots – but they’re definitely not going to be able to tell you how they did it.

But lottery fever is going to take over your family, your office. Everyone is going to want you to pitch in your dollar for a chance at the multi-million dollar prize.

The question is, should you?

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Facts Behind the Social Media Revolution

Web Watch hopes that sometime over the past month, you have seen this video, entitled SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION, asking if social media (such as Twitter or Facebook) or other electronic transactions are here to stay, or just a fad.

Looking at the statistics we saw earlier, Twitter is still bordering on fad.

If you haven’t seen it, or simply want to watch it again, here it is: