You have better odds of winning the lottery than you do in winning Scrabble

If you’ve ever played a game of Scrabble, you probably fall into one of two categories of players:  those that can always figure out a way to play a seven-letter word on a Triple Word Score (and typically win a game by more than 200 points), or you struggle determining where to place an “E” for a 2 point score.

If you fall into the latter group: don’t panic – you’re not alone.  Not everybody can memorize word lists and play any Scrabble word at will.

Scrabble Letter Tiles
Scrabble Letter Tiles

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What is the highest scoring Scrabble word?

Web Watch, as we’ve declared previously, loves playing board games with friends.

There’s something about sitting around a table and taking part in a group activity – laughing, drinking – that you just can’t get from the anonymous (and cheat-filled) ways of playing knock-off word games with friends via cellphone.

Is SCRABBLE the best game choice for game night?  Sometimes yes, sometimes not.  It partly depends on how many people are playing, and whether they enjoy playing word games with you.  If you’re the kind of person who TiVos the NATIONAL SPELLING BEE, then chances are you’re not the type of person that others will want to engage in a casual Scrabble game with.

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How to Silence Earworms

Web Watch has told you about earworms before, those pesky little pieces of songs that get stuck in your head so you can’t get them out.

Earworms, for the music industry, are good – they prove that there really is such a thing as a song that you’ll never forget.


The #1 reason why 80% of Facebook users should just quit Facebook tomorrow

Were you one of the lucky ones who decided to buy Facebook stock on opening day?

Lucky, only if you also sold it immediately.   If you decided to take a long approach of buy-and-hold, you’re probably cursing the banks and others that drove the IPO price as high as it did.

So it ends up that right now, Facebook doesn’t have a lot of fans.  For financial reasons, due to the rapidly declining stock price.  For personal reasons, by posting a legally-meaningless “you don’t have rights to access my profile” status update.

Look – it’s quite easy.  If you hate everything about Facebook — just stop using it.  Life marched on for years without Facebook, and life will continue to exist for you once you stop using it.

People who will only be your friend online and not IRL (that’s “in real life”) were not really your friends.  People who beg you to play Words with Friends with them but turn their noses up at playing a real-world game of Scrabble are not those you’d want to play against anyway.


How to cheat at Scrabble (and get away with it)

Have you ever wanted to CHEAT AT SCRABBLE and get away with it?

No, we’re not talking about ways to cheat at WORDS WITH FRIENDS — Web Watch has already covered that.

We’re talking about how to cheat at the Scrabble board game, the one with the actual tiles and fabric pouch that you play at the kitchen table on Saturday nights with some friends and a nice bottle of wine or two?

Well – Web Watch has a way for you to CHEAT at Scrabble, and make it a legitimate part of your gameplay.

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The Ultimate Secret to winning WORDS WITH FRIENDS


Do you have multiple games going at one time, and fantasize about playing the exact same word on all the boards at the same time?

Do you have all the LEGAL 2-LETTER WORDS memorized, regardless of whether you actually know the definitions of those words or not?  Do you know the exact number of letters that are available in the baggie, or know the difference between REGULAR SCRABBLE RULES and TOURNAMENT SCRABBLE RULES?

Yeah, you’re a word game competitor, and you’re always looking for an edge.  Something to really carry your gameplay to the next level, because you’re sick and tired of losing out on that Triple Word Score because you couldn’t come up with a more creative way to use that “P” in your rack.

Web Watch has something for you.  We can help you win.

All all you have to do is one simple thing…

So what is the ULTIMATE SECRET TO WINNING “WORDS WITH FRIENDS”, Scrabble, or any other popular word game?



The Scrabble rule change doesn’t affect anyone who already knows how to play

Scrabble Champion shirt
Scrabble Champion shirt

The recent announcement from Mattel concerning CHANGING THE SCRABBLE RULESET TO ALLOW FOR PROPER NAMES AND OTHER BLASPHEMY is really not that big a deal.

First, some perspective.  How exactly is the game being modified?

  • Celebrity names and other proper nouns will now be allowed.  What comprises the proper spelling of specific proper names will be left to the discretion of the players at the time the play is made.  In some families, for example, the name “Micheal” may be the proper way to spell the name “Michael” – to them, that would be an acceptable play.
  • Players will be able to spell words backwards on the game board, reading from right-to-left or bottom-to-top instead of the traditional directions.  Web Watch kinda likes this idea.
  • Players will now be able to play words that aren’t connected to any other words on the board.  Web Watch is not such a fan of this.
  • The rules are only being applied to a special edition of the game being released in Britain – the traditional game and its rules are not being modified at all.
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How to Improve Your Scrabble Play

All you need to do is learn some new 2- and 3-letter words.

In what appears to be a bad case of timing from their reporters, The Wall Street Journal finally reported this week of a dramatic change in the world of Scrabble that took place in October 2005: 


Words such as “ZA”, “QI”, and “ZZZ” were added recently, according to the WSJ.  Apparently, “recently” means “in the past 4-5 years” to them.

Regardless, here at Web Watch we believe in making sure that you are not sucked into the same vortex of bad Scrabble-playing that the WSJ would lead you down if you had to wait a few years to discover that there had been a Scrabble dictionary update.  So here are the list of handy two- and three- letter words that you should have at the ready the next time you need to impress your Scrabble-playing friends…along with the unexpected WSJ followup: