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Can vodka spoil?

So while Web Watch is talking about how much food we throw away every year, it occured to us that we may have left one product out of the discussion.


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Going on a first date? Here’s what your drink choice says about you…

First dates are always rough.

Especially if it’s a blind date.

You’re typically going to meet at a bar (a “safe place” for some), and order a couple of drinks and have a few laughs.

The hope is that you want to hit it off, and maybe Get Some later tonight.  But you may have completely ruined your chances before you even opened your mouth.


Because First Impressions are a key element to having a successful First Date.   And there is one thing you can do to ensure that your first impression is a good one.

And that’s to be careful with what you’re seen with as your first drink.

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The Ultimate Secret to winning WORDS WITH FRIENDS


Do you have multiple games going at one time, and fantasize about playing the exact same word on all the boards at the same time?

Do you have all the LEGAL 2-LETTER WORDS memorized, regardless of whether you actually know the definitions of those words or not?  Do you know the exact number of letters that are available in the baggie, or know the difference between REGULAR SCRABBLE RULES and TOURNAMENT SCRABBLE RULES?

Yeah, you’re a word game competitor, and you’re always looking for an edge.  Something to really carry your gameplay to the next level, because you’re sick and tired of losing out on that Triple Word Score because you couldn’t come up with a more creative way to use that “P” in your rack.

Web Watch has something for you.  We can help you win.

All all you have to do is one simple thing…

So what is the ULTIMATE SECRET TO WINNING “WORDS WITH FRIENDS”, Scrabble, or any other popular word game?