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Can vodka spoil?

So while Web Watch is talking about how much food we throw away every year, it occured to us that we may have left one product out of the discussion.


Absolut Vodka Unique Edition 1 Liter
Absolut Vodka Unique Edition 1 Liter

More specifically, the question of whether VODKA SPOILS or not.


According to DOES IT GO BAD – the STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE GUIDE, vodka does NOT go bad or spoil while sitting on your bar cabinet shelf.

If it’s an opened bottle, you may want to cycle the thing out after a few years – just because you don’t want to serve anything that could have something happen to it.  But from a food safety perspective, you should be fine.

Beer, if you didn’t know already, definitely can go bad after a few months (unless it was stored properly — and even then, you still run the risk of the beer going skunk.

Wine definitely can go bad if its not stored properly.  Don’t refrigerate it for long periods of time; wine is meant to be drunk!  If you do need to store wine indefinitely, then keep it in a cool, dark place until it’s ready to be moved to the fridge.  And in Web Watch’s experience, red wines can be shelved much much longer than white wines can.  While your mileage may vary, it’s still wise advice.

Tequila can go bad, and can actually grow mold or bacteria in the bottle over time.  It’s best to probably drink the entire bottle once it’s been opened, perhaps with a friend or two.

Creme liquers should be cycled out of your liquor cabinet every 2 years at most, just because of their ingredients lacking certain shelf-stable properties.  For these, be sure to read the labels carefully.