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Eight signs your spouse is likely to cheat on you

Cheating on one’s spouse or partner in a relationship happens for many reasons.

Sometimes there is unhappiness; sometimes it’s desire. Every situation is different.

But there have been any number of individual studies made of people who have cheated on their significant other, and there are EIGHT INDICATORS THAT SOMEONE IS MORE LIKELY TO CHEAT THAN NOT.

Granted, not every one of these are exclusive or required.  They are merely individual reasons that have no relation to each other.  Some people will cheat because of one or more of these items listed… and this is by no means intended to be a conclusive list.

  • Wives of husbands who are well-endowed
  • People who have “the cheating gene”, genetically prone to cheating as part of their physical makeup
  • Narcissists
  • Those in insecure relationships
  • Orgasm Fakers
  • People who grew up in a house where their parents cheated
  • Radio DJs and TV voiceover dudes.   (Just kidding – the actual answer is “Men with deep voices”)
  • Men with large testicles

Click through the above link to see the sources that explain where each of these eight cheating signs came from.