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Behind the Scenes at The Price is Right

THE PRICE IS RIGHT is one of those eternal game shows that everybody – and we mean EVERYBODY – loves. It’s been around for years, it’s easy enough for anyone to play (unlike Jeopardy or the Scripps Spelling Bee where we just gasp in awe at a few folks’ brilliance).

And it truly features everyday people on the show.  It’s good family fun all around.

The Price is Right
The Price is Right

There have been a myriad of stories written about how the studio audience lines up at 6am in the morning to try for a coveted producer interview, how there are only around 300 seats in the audience and the studio is super small. Or all the secret advice and suggestions that can practically guarantee a win on any game from CLIFFHANGER to SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN.

By now, you’ve probably even seen this clip of a woman losing the SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN by only $1:

So yeah, you’re a Price is Right fan. And Drew Carey has really made the show his own after taking over from Bob Barker.  So why not join us as we TAKE A LOOK BEHIND THE SCENES at how The Price is Right is made?

This behind the scenes look at TPIR really shows off the chaotic choreography that goes into producing a TV show. Think being on TV is easy?  There are a ton of jobs that go on behind the scenes to make it look that way. Drew Carey may be the guy with the microphone, but it’s the folks you don’t see on camera that keep that machine running smoothly so it looks good on TV.