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The Stupidest Game Show Answers, Ever

Game shows can run the gamut from educational (Jeopardy) to family challenge (Wheel of Fortune) to just plain silly (Double Dare).

And game shows have led to a number of common catchphrases that we still use today in other aspects of life:

  • Come on down!
  • X gets the square!
  • Big money, no whammies!
  • In the butt, Bob

Yet while we’re sitting at home watching and playing along with the contestants who are competing under-pressure, we KNOW that we always get the answers correct.

But under the pressure of the TV cameras, sometimes the contestants on the shows just get things a bit wrong.

Game Show Moments Gone Bananas
Game Show Moments Gone Bananas

Even on Wheel of Fortune, where the contestant just has to read the answer on the board, sometimes a missing letter (or a mispronounced word) can lead to an unexpected loss.

And all the best of the stupidest, silliest GAME SHOW MOMENTShave been gathered in one place at the STUPID GAME SHOW ANSWERS site.  They cover the craziest answers found on shows ranging from CASH CAB to FAMILY FEUD, to MATCH GAME to PYRAMID and more.

Classics such as

  • “Name a part of your body that’s bigger now than it was when you were 16” (Penis)
  • “What vehicle is used in the Tour de France race?” (SUVs)
  • “In the game of Craps, the numbers you will need to roll an ‘Easy 10′”? (9 and 1)
  • “A bad thing to have thrown at you?” (Poop)

It’s one thing when the contestants give really silly answers. It’s something else entirely when all the contestant needs to do is either agree or disagree with a (comedic) celebrities’ idea of what the correct or incorrect answer is, like on the infamous YOU FOOL! episode of Hollywood Squares.

Here’s part one of the show, with Penn & Teller starting things off…

…and here’s Gilbert Gottfried finishing it up…

Yup, it was 9 incorrect answers in a row. Hands down, it’s this type of comedy that made celebrity-based game shows so amusing (see also: classic episodes of Match Game or Password). But unfortunately, we now have to suffer through reality TV tripe instead. (And if any of you were questioning whether Tom Bergeron deserved his Emmy win for Best Reality TV Show Host for his work on Dancing with the Stars, his stellar work on this episode of Hollywood Squares should clarify why he deserved it.)

Ah, bring back the good ol’ days, when game shows were fun.