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The real names of fictional characters

As you get closer to the birth of your new baby, you may start to wonder whether you should stick with a name from one of those baby books, or whether you should go off the beaten path and name your child after, let’s say, your favorite character.

Some people have done this successfully, such as Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller who (with his wife’s blessing, we assume) decided to name his daughter Moxie Crimefighter.  Who can’t say that a crimefighter isn’t a favorite character somewhere along the way?

But let’s say that you have more personal favorites from the world of books, games, food products, or other marketing.  Why wouldn’t you want to name your child after one of those characters… if ONLY YOU KNEW WHAT THEIR REAL NAMES WERE?!?!?

Poppin' Fresh - the Pillsbury Doughboy
Poppin’ Fresh – the Pillsbury Doughboy

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Do you believe in magic? REAL magic? Maybe you should…

Web Watch readers know that Web Watch appreciates a good magic show.

The key for us in watching a good magic show is being able to escape from the practical, logical mind and stop wondering about how David Copperfield or Penn & Teller do their acts and enjoy the illusions for what they are.  As the old saying goes, don’t ruin the magic.

The illusions aren’t the same once you know how they’re done, or at least have thought of a plausible way for the trick to be accomplished.  You spend all your time looking for the hook and not appreciating the trick for the trick.

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The Magician’s Code of Ethics

The number one rule in magic is “never give away your secrets, never tell them how it’s done.”

While Penn & Teller may disagree with the premise (seeing how they’ve built their entire career off of revealing their own and other magicians’ secrets in their act), the concept is still valid.  Half the fun of seeing a high-quality magic act is the suspension of disbelief that the audience can have for those two hours.

Standing on a pole in the middle of a park isn’t “magic” in the traditional sense. There is no hidden trick, no amount of misdirection can alleviate the amount of effort it can take to stand still for hours on end… with or without a supportive device to lean on at times.  Not saying that David Blaine used something like that — but Web Watch would if we were forced into doing that type of stunt ourselves.

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The Stupidest Game Show Answers, Ever

Game shows can run the gamut from educational (Jeopardy) to family challenge (Wheel of Fortune) to just plain silly (Double Dare).

And game shows have led to a number of common catchphrases that we still use today in other aspects of life:

  • Come on down!
  • X gets the square!
  • Big money, no whammies!
  • In the butt, Bob

Yet while we’re sitting at home watching and playing along with the contestants who are competing under-pressure, we KNOW that we always get the answers correct.

But under the pressure of the TV cameras, sometimes the contestants on the shows just get things a bit wrong.

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Want your own personal Hangover? Zach Galifianakis costs $75,000; Ken Jeong $30k

Zach Galifianakis - Hangover poster
Zach Galifianakis, Hangover poster

A lot of people have visited Web Watch looking for information on HOW TO HIRE THE DAN BAND, as seen in the first HANGOVER film.

But that was so two years ago.

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Odd invention of the day: Anti-Aging Cream made from Infant Foreskin

SkinMedica - TNS: Essential Serum
SkinMedica – TNS: Essential Serum

SkinMedica is a San Francisco-based company that specializes in anti-aging creams and lotions to help restore elasticity to aging skin. 

And, it appears from what Web Watch reads on other sites, that they will make an anti-aging cream just for you… if you send them your baby’s foreskin to use as an ingredient.  It must be true, as it was allegedly announced as such on an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show in 2007.

And we know that Oprah wouldn’t lie to us, would she?  Besides, SkinMedica isn’t the only company doing this.  A different company uses foreskins to make Vavelta, which is injected to help smooth wrinkles as Botox does.


The Ugly Truth about Music Royalties from TOO MUCH JOY’s Tim Quirk

Too Much Joy - Cereal KillersTOO MUCH JOY was a band in the early 90’s that not a lot of people knew about, although they had a reputation for being one of the best live bands around.  Web Watch knows this first-hand, having been lucky enough to have the chance to see them play more than a few times over the years.

If you’ve seen the film SHAKES THE CLOWN, then you’ve heard TMJ’s song “CLOWNS” (which also was part of a lawsuit brought by Bozo the Clown).  Web Watch recalls that “CRUSH STORY” was used on some television special about teen idols in 1992 or so.   And fans of magicians Penn & Teller should know about the band, as Penn as praised TMJ repeatedly in print and has sat in with the guys in the studio, and Teller directed one of the band’s music videos.

In other words, Too Much Joy has been around the block a few times.  They’ve released a few albums, made national news covering other people’s songs, had some radio play, have celebrity fans, and have done pretty well for themselves in the subsequent years.  They’ve even been called “sell-outs” by some of their fans.  What’s not to love?

Tim Quirk, lead singer of Too Much Joy and now an executive at the music streaming service Rhapsody, knows the answer to that question:  the music royalties.


Have You Ever Been Propositioned in Church?

Sexy NunBaylor University just finished conducting a survey of over 3,500 adults that related to Clergy Sexual Misconduct.