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The Top 100 Baby Names and Baby Naming Trends for 2010

20001 Baby Names - Find the Perfect Baby Name
20001 Baby Names – Find the Perfect Baby Name

Here’s another year-end list to amuse you with: BABYCENTER’s TOP 100 BABY NAMES FOR 2010.Are there any surprises here?  Not really, when compared to the 2009 listing.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

The top 20 GIRL’S names are:

  1. Sophia
  2. Isabella
  3. Olivia
  4. Emma
  5. Chloe
  6. Ava
  7. Lily
  8. Madison
  9. Addison
  10. Abigail
  11. Madelyn
  12. Emily
  13. Zoe
  14. Hailey
  15. Riley
  16. Ella
  17. Mia
  18. Kaitlyn
  19. Kaylee
  20. Peyton

For BOYS, the top 20 names are:

  1. Aiden
  2. Jacob
  3. Jackson
  4. Ethan
  5. Jayden
  6. Noah
  7. Logan
  8. Caden
  9. Lucas
  10. Liam
  11. Mason
  12. Caleb
  13. Jack
  14. Brayden
  15. Connor
  16. Ryan
  17. Matthew
  18. Michael
  19. Alexander
  20. Landon

There are some dramatic differences when we look at what the most popular names have been over the past ten years, however.  Jackson has jumped in popularity, but the boy’s side has stayed fairly steady with the top names.  The girl’s side, however, shows more leaps and bounds in trendy baby naming as there looks to be much more movement on their side of the chart all around.

Some of the baby naming trends that BabyCenter wanted to point out include:

  • Abigail is new to the Top Ten this year
  • New names to the top 100 include Stella, Nora, Scarlett, Kendall, and Violet
  • On the boy’s side, Liam made a huge leap from the middle of the back into the Top Ten
  • New popular names for boys are Hudson, Ryder, and the ol’ reliable Sam
  • Ellie and Grayson made the biggest leaps in terms of popularity this year compared to last, while Brooke and Hayden both fell down the most
  • Names that are no longer in the Top 100?  Ashley, Katie, and Rachel for girls; Brendan, Kyle, and Peyton for boys.

So after looking at all these baby names, have you decided which one you want to go with?  Maybe you shouldn’t move so quickly.

Here are some of BabyCenter’s recommendations for THINGS TO AVOID WHEN DECIDING ON A BABY NAME:

  • Think about the potential nicknames.  Recall back to your playground days and how mean all the school kids can be.  It’s gotten worse.
  • Watch out for initials that spell things, or if first-initial+last-name is something unpleasant.
  • Try Googling potential first+middle names to make sure that you’re not saddling your child with the name of someone who is well-known for some unsavory acts