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Reason #6 why MAGIC: The Gathering games should be covered by ESPN

Web Watch has a number of friends who play the collectible card game MAGIC: THE GATHERING.

They get together every week or two to play, have a few beers, and enjoy each other’s company. We’ve tried playing MTG (as the nerds refer to it), but Web Watch just couldn’t get into it. We’ve played online card-based games, such as MONSTER MASTER, and for us they seem to be more fun online than in person — but then again, games like that have simpler rules than MTG would have, which ultimately makes MTG a more interesting game overall.

Magic the Gathering: MTG Dark Ascension DKA Sealed Fat Pack
Magic the Gathering: Dark Ascension Fat Pack

Which is where Francis comes in, and why ESPN would do well by covering the next MAGIC: THE GATHERING tournament in the next SportsCenter: