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Video Fun: Bar games that you’ll never lose

Over the years, Web Watch has had the pleasure of meeting a number of our readers and sharing war stories about things people will do at a bar for fun.

It’s true – get enough drunk people together, and the infamous catchphrase of “hey y’all – watch this!” is often followed by “betcha can’t”.

Web Watch often offers a standing $1 for certain games and activities, if completed.  Some people say that a single dollar isn’t worth the challenge, while others gleefully take them on.  We’re more than happy to pay up when a challenge is completed – half the fun is getting there, right?

100 Ways to Win a Ten-Spot: Scams, Cons, Games You Can't Lose
100 Ways to Win a Ten-Spot:
Scams, Cons, Games You Can’t Lose

The best bar games are ones that don’t require any props ahead of time.  You should always have ideas of games to play based on items that are found in every bar:  glasses, water, matchsticks, napkins, or random items that you just happen to have in your pocket or bag at the time.

The key to any of these tricks?  Always leave your marks wanting more.  You don’t want to scam the same people over and over again – your friends will disown you and not allow you to play your reindeer games with them.  On the other hand, they’re more than happy to bask in your winning glory – so be sure to include them in the pitcher of beer you just received.

Granted, some of the tricks you’ll see in this video are likely ones you’ve already seen before. But as long as there’s at least one new gag in there, you’ll be sitting pretty in your favorite bar stool, drinking for free for years to come.
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