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The Museum of Endangered Sounds

You’re one of those old people, aren’t you?

Always living in the past, telling those young punks of today how easy they have it now.  You begin every sentence with, “oh yeah, well back in MY day, we didn’t have the Internet. And we LIKED it!”

So time marches on – it happens.

We can all agree that all sorts of things have changed over the past 50 years for sure, but even more so in the last 5-10 years.


So hop on over to the MUSEUM OF ENDANGERED SOUNDS to see — and hear — sounds that have gone out of our lives, never to be heard again.

Of course, Web Watch is a little miffed that today’s kids wouldnt recognize the familiar wakka-wakka noise from a game of Pac-Man… but then again, we were talking with some neighborhood teenagers the other day and they — in all honesty and sincerity — claim that they didn’t know what Pac-Man even was.

Yes, sadly, the classic video games of the 80’s have gone the way of the Pet Rock.  Literally.

So have a friend fire up some of the other sounds from the Museum and see how many of those noises you can identify without looking.

More importantly, what audio clips do you think are definitely missing from the list?