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Beer Pong can Kill You

As Web Watch told you earlier, BEER PONG is the MOST POPULAR DRINKING GAME around.

The premise is simple: throw a ball into a cup, make your opponent drink.  Web Watch has even been to the WORLD SERIES OF BEER PONG out in Las Vegas, and we’ll be the first to tell you that THAT event is a party and a half, even if the entry fee (including room, which cuts down on driving liability issues) starts at $500 per person.


Beer Pong House Rules
Beer Pong House Rules
Beer Pong Balls
Case of Beer Pong Balls

And if you’ve played a game of Beer Pong, you know that balls fly everywhere, often landing on the floor.

Sure, there’s a “rinse cup” on the table, and the old adage of ALCOHOL KILLS GERMS is oft-used to allow the drinking of a beer after a ball’s been tossed in the cup.

But does the alcohol in the beer cup really kill the germs present on the beer pong ping-pong ball?

According to RESEARCHERS AT CLEMSON UNIVERSITY, maybe not.  Maybe, just maybe – your choice of drinking game is WORKING TO KILL YOU.

In their study, they found the following:

  • Beer pong balls are typically “teeming” with bacteria, including listeria, salmonella, e.Coli and staph.
  • Beer pong played outside had more bacteria on the balls than when the games were played indoors on carpet.

The Clemson study reinforces previous news reports about PONG FLU, the feeling of illness that frequently is related to mass-sharing of germs at massive beer pong tournaments.

Of course, you could always do what one group has SUGGESTED FOR GERM-FREE BEER PONG: as H1N1 flu virus can spread quickly, they recommend using cups full of water as the targets, and then keeping a separate drink cup available, with the two sets of cups and balls never meeting.

Sounds reasonable to us.