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Video Fun: How to avoid a hangover

What’s the one thing everyone with a hangover always says?

“I’m NEVER going to drink again”

“I’m never going to drink THAT again”

“I’m never going to drink like that AGAIN”


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Beer Pong can Kill You

As Web Watch told you earlier, BEER PONG is the MOST POPULAR DRINKING GAME around.

The premise is simple: throw a ball into a cup, make your opponent drink.  Web Watch has even been to the WORLD SERIES OF BEER PONG out in Las Vegas, and we’ll be the first to tell you that THAT event is a party and a half, even if the entry fee (including room, which cuts down on driving liability issues) starts at $500 per person.


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Top 100 Most Popular Drinking Games, and 5 Drinking Game Types

Back in the day (and it’s always “back in the day” with these types of stories, isn’t it?), Web Watch would be known to partake in a drinking game or two amongst friends.

Why?  Mainly because the games themselves were kinda fun.  A bit stupid, perhaps, but always a fun challenge.  Drinking was merely secondary to the activity, as one never needs a “game” of any sort to take a drink whenever one would like.

The key, of course, is to know when to say when and back out of the activity.  Drinking too much because of some stupid game rule is never a good idea for anyone.

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Bachelor Party / Bachelorette Party Tips

BACHELOR PARTY TIPS is a site where the wedding party participants who decide to take charge of the pre-wedding bachelor or bachelorette party festivities can go to come up with some great ideas and planning tips that ensure the lucky bride or groom have a great time.

They have the traditional party pledge that all partygoers must sign and adhere to at all costs, drinking games, party points (those with the most points at the end of the night wins, obviously), a list of 32 “Dudes Rules”, tips on stripper etiquette, and to-do lists for the bride or groom-to-be.

On those to-do lists?  For bachelorettes, it includes:

  • Do a shot
  • Take off your bra while in the bar
  • Dance with two guys at once
  • Collect a man’s underwear (extra points for holes or skid marks)

For bachelors, their list includes:

  • Get a girl to kiss you
  • Get a girl to spank you
  • Ask at least 5 women if they are your fiance
  • Have a beer chugging race with the rest of the bachelor party

The site implies that bachelorette parties are a bit more crazed than are bachelor parties.  Take a look at the suggestions they’ve posted for the “Bachelorette I Never” drinking game.  Remember, in this game the object is to never have done these things, because you must take a drink if you have. Which basically means that at least one person in the group has done this stuff.  Lucky groom, we hope.

  • Went skinny-dipping
  • Stuffed my bra.
  • Had a one night stand.
  • Wore a skirt without underwear.
  • Had sex in a car.
  • Have been tied up.
  • Had sex outside.
  • Threw up in public.
  • Woke up with a man who I didn’t know.
  • Kissed another woman.
  • Kissed two different guys in one night.
  • Sunbathed Nude.

I’ll bet you could combine the “I Never” list with the “Bachelorette To-Do” list and have a really interesting story to tell at the divorce proceedings.