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Cards Against Humanity: Best. Party. Game. Ever.

Trying to find The Ultimate Game To Play when it’s holiday time with the family can be tough.

Not everybody likes playing Monopoly, and most other board games are limited to either four or six players maximum anyway.  So if you have a large gathering, it can be tough to find a group or party game that everybody can participate in.

What are you typically left with?  Trivia games, Pictionary, Cranium.  You know – team-based stuff.

But what if you’re tired of competing as a team when you have 10 or more people hanging out at your house for hours on end?

Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity: First Expansion Set
Cards Against Humanity: First Expansion Set

Cards Against Humanity: Second Expansion Set
Cards Against Humanity: Second Expansion Set

That’s when you need to break out your copy of CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY.

One word of warning: the game is definitely not for kids. They say right on the box that it’s intended for players 17 and older.

And here’s the best part: while it’s available for $25 on the Cards Against Humanity website and also available on Amazon, you don’t have to actually buy the game if you don’t feel like it.

Nope, you can just DOWNLOAD THE FREE PDF of the base game and make your own copy.  On the site, they say it will take about an hour and cost $10 if you go to Staples for printing, but in Web Watch’s experience both figures are way off.   We got a high-quality print job done for just under $8, but it took another 90 minutes to cut the cards out ourselves.  Sure, we could have asked Staples to do laser-cutting for us to make the whole thing easier, but the laser cutting would have cost another $20 — at that price we might as well have just bought the game outright.

But anyway, now we have a copy of the game to play this holiday season.

So what is it?  It’s a simple card matching game, similar to Apples to Apples, in that the “judge” puts out one card from one deck of cards that all the “players” then have to select the best possible match from their own hand of cards taken from a different deck.

But instead of being all cute and funny like Apples to Apples can be, Cards Against Humanity goes for the politically incorrect and occasionally borderline offensive with their own card choices.  So let’s take a random card out of the deck to match to see how this would play out:

Our selected card reads, “____________.  That’s how I want to die.”

Looking at our hand, we have the following five cards to choose from.  Which one will make the best answer?

  • Dry heaving
  • The female orgasm
  • All you can eat shrimp for $4.99
  • Vigorous jazz hands
  • Farting and walking away

Oh yes, there are lots of laughs promised in this game, especially if you have the right amount of fun-loving people and alcohol available you to.   Games don’t take very long to play, and you can feel free to make up your own rules.

If you’ve played Cards Against Humanity, we’d love to hear your favorite write-in suggestions, as well as any other House Rules you’ve come up with to make the game more fun.  Leave your comments below…