Funny shopping

How much money has Cards Against Humanity earned?

By now, hopefully you’ve played that game that Web Watch told you about last year, CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY.

Yes, it’s a sick game, for sick people.  And funny as hell.  Web Watch ends up giving away copies of the game to friends who want to take it with them immediately after Game Night is over. We’re single-handedly keeping CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY in business, it seems.

Sure, we could go down to the local Kinko’s (again) and the local Container Store (again) and print out another free copy from the downloadable PDF on their website (again).

Or we could just pony up the $25 and buy a couple of sets to have on hand as gifts.

So let’s talk about how much money that this simple game has made the eight 20-something-year-old kids who created this monstrosity:  figure that they’ve sold around 500,000 copies of the game at $25 apiece.

That’s a cool $12 million plus.

And the company has practically no overhead.  No significant costs to speak of.  That’s almost pure profit.

How does this compare to other well-known, established games?  Let’s jump back into the 1980’s and take a look at TRIVIAL PURSUIT, which has become an industry unto itself.  In 1984 – just one year after it was introduced in the US from the initial Canadian production run, Trivial Pursuit was bringing in more than $225 million.  And that was before Hasbro bought the intellectual rights to the game from the creators for $80 million.

So – if you want to be a millionaire, maybe all you need to do is think up your own wacky party card game. There’s money in the banana stand, if you know where to look.