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Coming soon to a poker table near you: the Poker Shot Clock

Have you ever played a game with friends – any game, really – where your friends took a ridiculously long time to make their move?

No wonder nobody likes to play Monopoly anymore – if you played by the official rules, the game would be over in an hour.  Web Watch witnessed a Bunko night where the “lead table” decided to stop rolling dice and have a conversation — the other three tables revolted and demanded that the round end after 10 minutes had passed.

Party poopers, it seems.

Poker Ace Portable Tournament Director Timer
Poker Ace Portable Tournament Director Timer

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How much money has Cards Against Humanity earned?

By now, hopefully you’ve played that game that Web Watch told you about last year, CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY.

Yes, it’s a sick game, for sick people.  And funny as hell.  Web Watch ends up giving away copies of the game to friends who want to take it with them immediately after Game Night is over. We’re single-handedly keeping CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY in business, it seems.

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Cards Against Humanity: Best. Party. Game. Ever.

Trying to find The Ultimate Game To Play when it’s holiday time with the family can be tough.

Not everybody likes playing Monopoly, and most other board games are limited to either four or six players maximum anyway.  So if you have a large gathering, it can be tough to find a group or party game that everybody can participate in.

What are you typically left with?  Trivia games, Pictionary, Cranium.  You know – team-based stuff.

But what if you’re tired of competing as a team when you have 10 or more people hanging out at your house for hours on end?

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Reason #6 why MAGIC: The Gathering games should be covered by ESPN

Web Watch has a number of friends who play the collectible card game MAGIC: THE GATHERING.

They get together every week or two to play, have a few beers, and enjoy each other’s company. We’ve tried playing MTG (as the nerds refer to it), but Web Watch just couldn’t get into it. We’ve played online card-based games, such as MONSTER MASTER, and for us they seem to be more fun online than in person — but then again, games like that have simpler rules than MTG would have, which ultimately makes MTG a more interesting game overall.