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Coming soon to a poker table near you: the Poker Shot Clock

Have you ever played a game with friends – any game, really – where your friends took a ridiculously long time to make their move?

No wonder nobody likes to play Monopoly anymore – if you played by the official rules, the game would be over in an hour.  Web Watch witnessed a Bunko night where the “lead table” decided to stop rolling dice and have a conversation — the other three tables revolted and demanded that the round end after 10 minutes had passed.

Party poopers, it seems.

Poker Ace Portable Tournament Director Timer
Poker Ace Portable Tournament Director Timer

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Common poker tells, from poker expert Mike Caro

Mike Caro's Book of Poker Tells
Mike Caro’s Book of Poker Tells

It’s a long weekend, so what better reason to ring in the New Year by getting together with your buddies for a late night of cigar smoking and poker playing?

But before you do, you might want to read up a little bit on how to recognize a “poker tell” – that is, those silent signs that your poker opponents aroung the table give off when they have a good or bad hand.

Some of these little ticks are done on purpose – players think that they can indicate whether they have a worse hand than they actually do by doing or saying something to throw you off the scent.  Other tells are things your body does whether you realize it or not.

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The 12 Most Ridiculous Bets of All Time

The Man with the $100,000 BreastsYou have probably seen the movie 21, about the MIT whiz kid blackjack players who figured out how to scam casinos for millions of dollars simply by counting cards and playing as a team.

Regardless of how glitzy the movie made it look, counting cards to make a living is not as easy as it seems.

Sometimes, gamblers need to have fun too – which is where proposition bets come into play.  What’s a proposition bet?  It’s a side bet of any type, usually of an uncommon event.

For example, people bet on the Super Bowl all the time – whether it be a Super Bowl grid or betting the line in Vegas based on who they think will win, or whether the point spread will be met.  A Super Bowl proposition bet are the more obscure items:

  • The coin toss
  • Whether there will be a kickoff return for a touchdown
  • Whether anyone will be heard swearing on the television broadcast

These aren’t necessarily tied to whether a team will win or lose the game, but rather what happens in the events surrounding the Super Bowl.  But a proposition bet doesn’t have to revolve around the Super Bowl or sports at all.  Sometimes, these bets are a bit more obscure and interesting.

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Join WSOP champion Annie Duke at “Sucking Out On The Rivers” poker tourney

What are you doing on Wednesday May 27th?

If you didn’t like the outcome of this year’s Celebrity Apprentice… and who did?… then this is your chance to join in a little good natured revenge with proceeds going to Refugees International.

(I mean really – while I admit that the last few Celebrity Apprentice episodes were hysterically entertaining, everyone knows that the best quality finale would have been between Jesse James vs Annie Duke.  That would have been awesome.  And we would next like to see Annie and Jesse take on Dancing with the Stars next.  But I digress.) 

What do you need to do to join in the fun?  Just join poker champion Annie Duke at the SUCKING OUT ON THE RIVERS POKER TOURNAMENT at the Hard Rock Casino’s poker room in Las Vegas.

Annie Duke and renowned Joan Rivers impersonator Frank Marino are joining forces on this charity poker tournament.  Buy-in is $200 (with re-buys), and they expect a few poker pros to come out and join the fun.  There are also going to be 20 other Joan Rivers impersonators playing along, each one with a bounty on their head for the lucky player who knocks them out.

Advance information is saying that the tournament is going to start at 6pm, but considering how much fun this sounds like, I wouldn’t be surprised if it started later and ran long into the night.

Full press release after the break.

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Lessons Learned from THE BEST DAMN POKER SHOW

I’ve been watching THE BEST DAMN POKER SHOW on Fox Sports Net. 

It’s a tournament-based series, with two teams of (mostly) amateur poker players competing against each other and coached by poker pros Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth.  For whatever reason, I can’t watch most poker programs on TV, but shows like this one or Bravo’s prematurely cancelled CELEBRITY POKER SHOWDOWN that offer decent, approachable advice for the casual player (along with a little bit of personality and humor) are more entertainly watchable for me versus the more serious World Poker Tour or High Stakes Poker shows.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to get free poker advice from Annie Duke, Phil Hellmuth, or Phil Gordon (an early commentator on CPS)?  As such, I turn you to one small piece of advice learned from season 2, episode 5, of The Best Damn Poker Show