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Things we learned from watching The Twilight Zone

If you’re like Web Watch, then you grew up watching the creepy black-and-white Rod Serling-hosted TV series, THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

Maybe you’ve even played the classic 1993 Twilight Zone pinball machine, or rode the TWILIGHT ZONE TOWER OF TERROR at Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park…. and still have absolutely no idea about the impact that the original TV series had on America’s psyche at the time the show was on the air.

If you aren’t already familiar with the TV show, there’s no need to read any further.  But, if you’re a fan… then read on.

The Twilight Zone
The Twilight Zone on Blu-Ray

One the guiding factors in The Twilight Zone is that every story had some sort of moral.

Usually it was a “see what bad choices can lead to?” result, often from a twist ending that the audience would never see coming.

As Dibbly Fresh pointed out: Aliens are evil. Don’t trust them when they offer the human species gifts. There’s probably a horrible twist.

And so was the standard plotline for practically every Twilight Zone episode.

So Web Watch thought we’d also offer these tips, LIFE LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE TWILIGHT ZONE:

  • WE are the worst “aliens” on any given planet.
  • Robots are better at raising children than adults.
  • It’s never good when dolls, mannequins, & puppets can talk
  • Books? Evil.  Reading? Evil.  But, just in case, you should always have a backup pair of glasses, because you never know when you might need them
  • If there’s a catastrophe in the neighborhood, never volunteer to help.

And our favorite:

  • Never look out the airplane window during a flight.

What lessons do you recall learning from your Twilight Zone viewing?