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Everything your date knows about you, he learned from your dog

They say that the best way to meet someone is to take your dog for a walk at the park.

Or borrow a friend’s dog, and take the dog for a walk at the park.

Or hang out at the Humane Society, taking the puppies out for a walk at the park.

(See the trend here, folks?)

The secret – obviously – is to get a dog, and let that be your way to introduce yourself to the ladies or the guys.  Who can resist puppies?

Plush Goldie Flopsie/Golden Retriever
Plush Goldie Flopsie/Golden Retriever

But you really should be careful.

You can’t just go out and rent / buy any dog that comes around.  No, you have to be a little careful — because there is a list of WHAT YOUR DOG SAYS ABOUT YOU to a potential mate.

Take the classic Labrador Retriever.  The Lab says that you’re loyal.  And hungry.  And playful.  Cute. Adorable. And hungry.

A beagle might label you as an alcoholic.   That does explain a bit about Snoopy, doesn’t it?

Check the link for what these dog types will tell your date everything he needs to know about the type of person you are:

  • German Shepard
  • Sheep Dog
  • Pit Bull
  • Golden Retriever
  • Shiba-Inu
  • Poodle
  • Chihuahua