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You can save the environment by watching Netflix

It’s true what the environmentalists say about technology – it’s here to ruin the Earth for years to come.

But that’s only part of the story.  What if we told you that technology could actually SAVE the Earth instead?

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

And it’s all about how you watch movies at home.

Everyone knows that streaming movies through either Amazon Prime, Netflix, or any other music streaming service is fairly seamless, fun, accessible, and enjoyable.  Sure, you miss out on all the cool stuff that is packed into the Blu-Ray or DVD extras, but only true film nerds really appreciated that stuff anyway.

The real magic – and money – is in the movie itself.

So if you’re really only going to watch the movie, are you going to watch the DVD or are you going to stream it?


And that’s even taking into account the electricity needed to power the Internet and the data center!  (Your TV is already going to be in use, so that cost is negligible in the comparisons).

The reason that watching a DVD is more expensive environmentally and energy-consumption-wise is because you have to take into account the manufacturing of the DVD, the DVD case, and the transportation costs of the physical media.

Sure, you can save some energy by renting or purchasing your DVDs through the mail rather than renting or buying them at the store – but even with that, powering a DVD player is still pricier than powering a Roku or other streaming device as well.

And don’t get us started on landfill implications when you finally get around to throwing that prized DVD out after it’s gotten scratched.

So there you have it.  Streaming movies is environmentally more beneficial than using physical DVDs.  Go out and save the planet, one movie at a time.