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How to watch streaming TV

There are dozens of paid streaming services, and what seems like hundreds of other free or ad-supported streaming channels out there these days.

The average household is subscribed to at least two different paid streaming services (as of this writing, it’s usually some combination of Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime… but Hulu is making a strong case for it so be in the mix too… and there’s always AT&T’s HBO MAX and Comcast’s PEACOCK service coming out later this month. And let’s not even start with YouTube’s free or paid services. Whew!)

But the biggest question that people ask Web Watch is “how do you know which streaming service has the shows that you want to watch?

Aside from staying on top of the “Coming next month” sections of each app – which is time consuming by itself… there’s an easier solution: REEL GOOD.

The RealGood website is your master index of every possible movie and TV show that you could ever want to watch.

Just type in the name of the program you’re trying to track down, and RealGood will tell you which service that show is on. And for some cases, whether it’s available for rental/purchase or if it’s included in the streaming package.

Of course, you’ll need a subscription to that service to watch the show — but half the battle is figuring out WHICH service the show is hosted on (or whether it’s even available on a streaming service at all).

Let’s take a look at some examples.

If you’re looking to watch the 1977 classic ROLLERCOASTER – Reelgood knows that it’s not available for streaming anywhere. No need to waste your time logging into each service and trying to track it down.

The 2019 BANANA SPLITS horror movie more your style? Reelgood says that it’s not part of a streaming package, but you can buy/rent it from a variety of places.

More interested in feel-good movies like MIDSOMMAR? It’s only available on two streaming services as of this writing. Hope you have one of them, so you can celebrate the summer solstice with family.

So, if the next time you’re hunkering down for family movie night, make ReelGood your first stop to make streaming decisions easier.

Visit Reelgood here: