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How to watch streaming TV

There are dozens of paid streaming services, and what seems like hundreds of other free or ad-supported streaming channels out there these days.

The average household is subscribed to at least two different paid streaming services (as of this writing, it’s usually some combination of Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime… but Hulu is making a strong case for it so be in the mix too… and there’s always AT&T’s HBO MAX and Comcast’s PEACOCK service coming out later this month. And let’s not even start with YouTube’s free or paid services. Whew!)

But the biggest question that people ask Web Watch is “how do you know which streaming service has the shows that you want to watch?

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Will Apple Buy TiVo?

As long-time Web Watch readers know, we’ve been a huge fan and support of TiVo over the years.  We’re all set to pony up and buy the Tivo Premiere Elitewith 4 tuners and 2TB worth of recording space, once TiVo and the cable companies work out their On Demand issues.

But that was all before all the APPLE TV rumors started to crop up again this week.

And if these rumors about what 2012 will bring in terms of an Apple living room experience, we may need to reevaluate our decision to invest in another TiVo, no matter how much it pains us to consider this as an option.

So let’s dive into what the rumors are, as well as present our own wish list of what the ultimate APPLE TV experience should be, after the break.