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Top 11 Reasons Apple Hates Your App

So you’ve been following along with our regular list of the HIGHEST GROSSING iPHONE and iPAD APPS, and wondering how you can get your thumb onto that meal ticket. Apple pays out literally BILLIONS of dollars to app developers every year, so why not go ahead and just whip an app together and submit to the Apple App Store?

iOS App Development For Dummies
iOS App Development For Dummies

Because you’re an idiot, that’s why.

You didn’t bother to read the rules, to see what mistakes you’ve made in your app that are preventing it from getting approved.

And the longer it sits around not getting approved, the less money you’re going to make with your brilliant Fart app.

So the kind folks over at APPLE have decided to help you out a little bit by sharing these 11 TOP REASONS WHY APPLE IS REJECTING YOUR SUBMITTED APP.  Avoid these 11 pitfalls with your expert programming and design skills – and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be the next Candy Crush Saga king (or queen)!

  • Is your app bug free, does it crash?
  • Are there broken links?
  • Is it finished with real content and graphics? Or are you still using the 1992 “Under Construction” animated GIF in places?
  • Is your user interface clean and simple, or is it stooooopid confusing?
  • What advertisements are you displaying?
  • Is your app store submission complete?  Leave out some vital information on the form, and you’re screwed until you get that fixed
  • Your app should be useful. Yes, this can be arbitrary, but still. Apple doesn’t want something stupid (or stupider than normal)
  • Is your app the same as other apps in the store? If so, try to be more original
  • If your app appeals only to your mom, it won’t make it. No matter how much your mom loves you, if she’s the only person who’ll use it, Apple won’t take it.
  • Don’t lie in your description
  • Don’t lie in what your app actually does

Click through the link to read the details on these items, so you can be sure to avoid Apple Discrimination with your next submission.