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Top 11 Reasons Apple Hates Your App

So you’ve been following along with our regular list of the HIGHEST GROSSING iPHONE and iPAD APPS, and wondering how you can get your thumb onto that meal ticket. Apple pays out literally BILLIONS of dollars to app developers every year, so why not go ahead and just whip an app together and submit to the Apple App Store?

iOS App Development For Dummies
iOS App Development For Dummies

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Six Computer Programming Languages that are Worth The Most Money

If you’re studying computers in college and wondering where the real money is for after you graduate, maybe you should take a little time to think about whether you’re studying the right stuff or not.

Real World Haskell
Real World Haskell

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How to create a happy soundtrack for your app

One of the hardest things for amateurs to do when coming up with a great video, web game, or smartphone app is to come up with a high quality music bed to accompany the narration or gameplay.

At worst, it becomes an annoying din that the user has to tune out or turn off.

At best, it’s a hooky catch that transcends beyond the game to become an entity unto itself.

Super Mario Theme

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The worst website you’ve ever seen

Remember Geocities?

That was the service that really loved to make you go into epileptic seizures with lots of blinking text and crazy colors.  It was painful to visit, let alone read any of the content people bothered to post on their sites.

So fast-foward to today… and guess what?  We really haven’t moved very far away from what Geocities had left us with.

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People who talk to computers are idiots

If Web Watch were to mention the name Randy Pausch to you, chances are you wouldn’t know who we were talking about off the top of your head.

But if we were to mention that Randy was the Carnegie-Mellon professor who wrote the book The Last Lecture, then maybe that would help ring a bell for you.  If you haven’t taken the time to read the book or watch the phenomenal documentary on The Last Lecture, then Web Watch strongly encourages you to stop whatever you’re doing right now and do so.

We’ll wait.

Just let us know when you’ve gotten back and we’ll continue…