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How about some old-timey erotic literature?

Today’s world is full of nostalgia.

Everywhere you look, people are yearning for “the good old days”, such as when kids could play in the woods all day without supervision. When you could eat undercooked meat or seafood without a care in the world.

And when writers were writers.  When books were, well, real BOOKS instead of this electronic crap.


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20 Pitch Phrases practically guaranteed to lead to Kickstarter Success

How’s your Kickstarter campaign coming along?

Are you struggling against the deadline, or do you think you’ll end up refunding all the money back to the contributors?

Any shark will tell you, it’s a tough sell to create an online pitch and successfully convince strangers to give you money for a product that may or may not be what they’re looking for.

Kickstarter for Dummies
Kickstarter for Dummies

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Words banned for use in 2013 and beyond

Web Watch has pleaded with our readers in the past to STOP USING WORDS LIKE VAJAZZLE and MAN CAVE, and we’ve told you about WORDS I LOVE, WORDS I HATE.

And apparently, Web Watch’s crusade to clean up everyone’s daily language is reaching new ears every day, and others are beginning to pick up the gauntlet in our favor.


The Pun Generator: when you absolutely need a pun RIGHT NOW

Web Watch loves a good pun.

Alas, “good pun” is also an oxymoron, as there are millions of people out there who think that the lowly pun is the worst form of a joke that’s possible.

It takes no thought, they say.  It’s not funny, they lament.

Web Watch believes that these people are upset and angry because they didn’t think of the wordplay themselves first.  Or they don’t get the pun in the first place.

Either way, puns are wasted on those folk.  But that’s okay.

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Um, what’s YOUR “crutch word”?

A while back, Web Watch told you about how much we hate certain words – like “mancave” and “actually”.

It ends up that there’s a reason why some of these words really suck – and it’s not because some of these phrases are just stupid made-up things (“vajayjay”) that serve no purpose when other, more practical words can suffice.

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People who talk to computers are idiots

If Web Watch were to mention the name Randy Pausch to you, chances are you wouldn’t know who we were talking about off the top of your head.

But if we were to mention that Randy was the Carnegie-Mellon professor who wrote the book The Last Lecture, then maybe that would help ring a bell for you.  If you haven’t taken the time to read the book or watch the phenomenal documentary on The Last Lecture, then Web Watch strongly encourages you to stop whatever you’re doing right now and do so.

We’ll wait.

Just let us know when you’ve gotten back and we’ll continue…

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How well do you write? Here’s one way to tell if your writing sucks

As Web Watch has previously pointed out, knowing how to write – and to write well – is a skillset that everybody should take the time to improve upon.

English class in college or high school may not have been interesting, but in hindsight, it was probably one of the few classes where you should have paid a bit more attention than you had.

Being able to write intelligently, in a way that others find interesting, on any number of topics – is not easy.  Web Watch has always been told that one should write like one talks.  Try not to write above your normal speech pattern, or the resulting text will just sound stilted and unnatural.

Hemingway — again, as Web Watch has said — had it right.  Don’t use six words when five words will do.  Summarize.  Rewrite.  Condense.   Your readers will thank you for this.