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Take the swear word challenge

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Everybody swears.

Everybody may not use the same expletives when doing so, but everyone swears in some manner or other.

And a recent study published in the American Journal of Pain confirms exactly why people swear.

It’s because swearing feels good.  Their research shows that SWEARING RELIEVES PAIN.

The study was quite simple:  participants put their hands into bucket full of ice water.  Those who cursed over and over were able to hold their hands in the bucket longer than those participants who kept their mouths shut and didn’t say anything.

How much longer?  An average of 40 seconds longer.  And when you’re holding your hand in a bucket of ice water, those 40 seconds can seem like an eternity.

So that’s today’s Web Watch challenge:   bet your friends over who can hold their hands in an ice bucket the longest.  See if swearing vs non-swearing while doing so makes any difference.

The study did differentiate between people who curse a lot in their everyday lives vs those who don’t curse as much.  Those who curse a lot did not see any significant benefit in the water torture test by swearing compared to those who cursed less often in their every day lives.

So use your curse words wisely — they do serve a purpose.  The old saying, “words will never hurt me” is true.  Some words can actually help that hurt feel better.