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Seven foods that you should never, ever eat

Eat This Not That 2012
Eat This Not That 2012

Sometimes you really are what you eat.

Prevention Magazine took a look at some common household grocery items, consulted with healthcare experts, and came up with a list of SEVEN FOODS THAT YOU SHOULD NEVER EAT.

The reasoning behind each decision is fairly straightforward — each of these foods either has an issue with how it’s been processed, how it’s grown/farmed, or how it’s packaged.  For each of the below, there are healthier alternatives, so don’t feel as if you have to cut these foods out of your diet completely, just choose to EAT THAT, NOT THIS:

  • canned tomatoes – the can is the problem, not the tomato
  • corn-fed beef — eat grass-fed beef instead
  • microwave popcorn – learn to pop corn the way your parents used to do
  • non-organic potatoes – eat chemical-free potatoes instead
  • farmed salmon – eat wild-caught Alaskan salmon instead
  • milk with hormones — drink milk from hormone-free cows
  • non-organic apples — eat chemical-free apples instead