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Top 10 Most Popular Super Bowl Foods

Whatcha eating tonight during the Super Bowl?

Chances are, you’re going to fire up a platter of wings or pizza, or maybe some slow-roasted barbeque pork, and hunker down to watch the Big Game and the associated commercials.

Would it surprise you that wings and pizza are NOT the most popular items to eat during the Super Bowl?

The NFL Gameday Cookbook
The NFL Gameday Cookbook

That’s according to Nielsen, who compiled this list of the MOST POPULAR SUPER BOWL FOODS:

  1. Salty snacks
  2. Dips
  3. Vegetables
  4. Cheese and Crackers
  5. Appetizers
  6. Fresh Fruit / Salad
  7. Pizza
  8. Sweet desserts / candy
  9. Buffalo wings
  10. Nuts

The only explanation Web Watch has for “vegetables” and “fresh fruit / salad” appearing on this list is that it was based on a survey of what the spouses wanted served at a Super Bowl “party”, where you have to have a spread of food for all to enjoy, rather than just basic tailgating/bar food available for the Real Football Fans.

‘Cause if you asked only men, men who go to sports bars to watch their games weekly — they’d have no idea what a vegetable is.

And where’s “chips and salsa” on this list?  No queso dip?  Unless that’s all lumped under “dips”, in which case we’re okay with that.

“A balanced diet”?  Ha! Not during football season.

If it matters, sodas were the most popular beverage at 71% .  Beer drinking during the game clocked in 2nd on the list at 42%.