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Super Bowl 44 Prop Bets – You making any of these?

Super Bowl 44 Program Saints Colts

The Super Bowl.

A time for getting together with friends, family, and co-workers for the ultimate Super Bowl party as you gather around the big screen to watch the game (and the Super Bowl commercials), while you hunker down with some awesome Super Bowl party food.

And what makes watching the Super Bowl with a crowd more interesting is a little friendly wager.

We’re not talking about anything crazy, money-wise.  Everyone can just throw $5 into the pot and fill out some FOOTBALL SQUARES – you don’t have to know anything about the game, just put your name into a box and wait for the scoring to commence.  Could be the easiest money you’ve ever made.

But for the more serious gambler who looks at the Super Bowl as an investment opportunity, Football Squares is not nearly as interesting as the SUPER BOWL PROPOSITION BETS that you can get through any major Las Vegas casino.   While most everyone is familiar with the more common bets (who will win the game? what will the final score be?), a proposition bet is one that covers the more esoteric parts of the game.  In essence, if there is something in the game that can’t be known ahead of time, a prop bet should be able to cover it. 

Remember when the Chicago Bears’ Refrigerator Perry scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl in 1986?  That is credited with being the first proposition bet set, and it was done by Caesars Palace.  Needless to say, they lost a lot of money on that one.   Perhaps you’ve made your own prop bets of your own:  the outcome of the opening coin toss, for example, is a common one made between two friends.  But it takes some real professional oddsmakers – like the ones at the Las Vegas Hilton – to come up with SOME OF THESE PROPOSITION BETS for this year’s Super Bowl:

First, the more common ones –

  • Who will score the game’s first touchdown?
  • Total points scored by the Saints?
  • Reggie Bush to score at least one touchdown in the game
  • Will Devery Henderson score at least one TD?
  • Will Pierre Thomas go over 24 receiving yards?

to the more unusual –

  • How many times will The Who’s Pete Townshend do his signature windmill move?
  • Will a member of The Who smash a guitar?
  • If Pete Townsend smashes his guitar, will he do it against the stage, against a speaker, against a microphone, on a fan, or on the drummer?”
  • How many times will CBS cut to Archie Manning?
  • How many times will CBS cut to Kim Kardashian?
  • How many times will announcers mention Hurricane Katrina?
  • What color Gatorade bath will the winning coach receive? Lime green, yellow, orange, red, blue, or clear?
  • Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first? God, family, teammates, coach, no one?
  • Which will be higher: combined first-half points, or the winning car number at Daytona?
  • Which will be higher: Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Reggie Bush’s rushing yards, or Chloe’s Kardashian’s husband Lamar Odom points/rebounds/assists?
  • Which will be higher: Colts first-quarter points, or Alexander Ovechkin’s shots on goal?
  • Which will be higher: Drew Brees TD passes, or number of goals in the Arsenal-Chelsea match?
  • Which will be higher: the number of Peyton Manning TD passes, or Phil Mickelson’s fourth-round birdies?
  • How many times will Kim Kardashian be shown on camera?
  • What color will be the top Kardashian wears at the Super Bowl?
  • Who will score more points on Sunday: the Saints and Colts, or Kobe and LeBron
  • How long will it take Carrie Underwoood to sing the National Anthem?
  • The number of times game announcers will mention Hurricane Katrina?
  • Which number will be larger, the winning car number in the NASCAR Bud Shootout or the Saints/Colts first-half points?
  • Which will be higher: Big 10 college hockey’s Michigan and Wisconsin goals scored or the Saints/Colts total touchdowns?