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Top 10 Most Popular Super Bowl Foods

Whatcha eating tonight during the Super Bowl?

Chances are, you’re going to fire up a platter of wings or pizza, or maybe some slow-roasted barbeque pork, and hunker down to watch the Big Game and the associated commercials.

Would it surprise you that wings and pizza are NOT the most popular items to eat during the Super Bowl?

The NFL Gameday Cookbook
The NFL Gameday Cookbook

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Business insights learned from jumping on the Carolina Panthers bandwagon

With the Super Bowl around the corner, there are the usual suspects playing in this year’s playoffs: the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos… and the Carolina Panthers?

Seemingly forgotten as a viable team this year, the Panthers started off the season at 1-3 before going on a winning tear through their opponents – finishing the season at the top of their division, the number 2 seed in the conference, and with a first round bye.

Carolina Panthers Sir Purr Official NFL Football Mascot winter Dangle Hat
Carolina Panthers “Sir Purr”
Official NFL Football Mascot winter Dangle Hat
(listed at $600!)

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Which squares are most valuable when playing football pool squares?

It’s well known that the NFL and the NCAA both frown upon the large amount of office pool sports betting that goes on during their major events: the Super Bowl and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament aka March Madness.

Add to the mix that the high stakes, unregulated dollars are being done mostly in an illegal fashion (that is, sports betting run by individuals may be illegal where you live), you can see why those organizations and local governments may be a bit concerned about the situation.

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Everybody loves football. (Women’s golf? Not so much)

There’s a reason that the entire world stops their day-to-day life and all attention turns to Super Sunday to watch the Best Two Teams in Football duke it out in the Super Bowl each year.

It’s because everybody knows that football – and the Super Bowl – are awesome.

How do we know?  We have proof!

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What cities qualify to host the Super Bowl?

Have you ever been to the Super Bowl?

The answer is probably going to be “likely not”, due to a number of reasons – not the least of which is how much money it can cost to purchase a single Super Bowl game ticket.

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What does it take to throw the ultimate Super Bowl Party? Lots of money.

The Billion Dollar Game: Behind the Scenes of the Greatest Day In American Sport - Super Bowl Sunday
The Billion Dollar Game:
Behind the Scenes of the Greatest Day In American Sport – Super Bowl Sunday

Web Watch loves watching the Super Bowl.  Yeah, we don’t often care what teams are playing – although we always cheer for the NFC – but we love the glory, the spectacle, the over-excess of the event itself.

And yes, we even get to watch a decent commercial or two.

The Big Game, Pigskin Party, Gridiron Madness — whatever you end up calling the Super Bowl, there is typically one thing on everybody’s mind when Super Bowl weekend comes barrelling through:  HOW DO YOU THROW THE ULTIMATE SUPER BOWL PARTY?