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Where do the NFL Fans Live?

Have you ever wondered where your favorite football team’s fanbase really was located?

Especially as we’re now in the middle of the Playoffs, sports-minded folks are singularly focused on one of the eight remaining NFL Playoff teams this season:

  • Carolina Panthers
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • San Diego Chargers
  • Denver Broncos
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • New England Patriots

Run To The Playoffs (The Theme to Thursday Night Football)
Run To The Playoffs (The Theme to Thursday Night Football)

So as you travel around the country, what are the chances that you’ll run into a similarly-minded fan of your favorite team?

Well, if you believe what FACEBOOK TELLS YOU ABOUT NFL FANS, then you’ll know this: while most fans are geographically located close to their team’s home base, there are still pockets across the country where you can still find die-hards cheering for their favorites.

All of this info is based merely on Facebook’s LIKES feature.  Doesn’t actually mean that the LIKE-ee is a real fan of the team; they just clicked a link.

Take the New England Patriots for example — their LIKES spread across the country like wildfire, while almost completely avoiding the Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee area.  There’s some smatterings of Indianapolis fans across the west, but nothing is going to stop people from liking the Patriots.

The Seattle Seahawks have a stranglehold on the northwestern part of the us… and one county in Arizona and on in North Dakota.  But the rest of the country is definitely liking the Saints.

San Diego hasn’t branched much farther than their California/Arizona area. There are some random counties in North and South Carolina and one in Texas that have a Chargers fan living there — but the rest of the country looks to support the Broncos.

The 49ers have the west covered well, and Carolina has the middle eastern seaboard tied up.  What’s interesting about the entire of middle America is that there are so many counties that have absolutely no preference for either team.  Compared to the other three maps, there’s an awful lot of undecided grey counties displayed here.  Maybe the 49ers really aren’t “America’s Team” after all?