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Business insights learned from jumping on the Carolina Panthers bandwagon

With the Super Bowl around the corner, there are the usual suspects playing in this year’s playoffs: the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos… and the Carolina Panthers?

Seemingly forgotten as a viable team this year, the Panthers started off the season at 1-3 before going on a winning tear through their opponents – finishing the season at the top of their division, the number 2 seed in the conference, and with a first round bye.

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Maybe there is still time to JUMP ON THE CAROLINA PANTHERS BANDWAGON if your team is out of the playoffs.

And if you read the linked article, you’ll be left with the following meaningful takeaways that could be applicable to practically any team or business venture you find yourself in.

  • Real-life Rod Tidwell is also Renée Zellweger in every movie she’s ever done.
  • Fat people make any sport better. Fat people running. Fat people pitching. Fat people dancing. Fat people scoring touchdowns. They’re all 10 times more athletic and in better shape than we’ll ever be, but that doesn’t matter. We can imagine them as regular fat people with asthma and Hostess addictions, and that’s really all we need.
  • Almost as good as fat football players? SMALL football players. They all have gigantic chips on their shoulders, they all spend every second of every day trying to prove imaginary haters wrong

In other words, the best businesses should hire short, fat people — they’re the ones who are striving to succeed more than those that are thin and tall.

As for Rod Tidwell?  You’re on your own if you hire him to run your business.  Web Watch can’t help you there.