What’s the most misspelled word submitted in FCC indecency complaints?

We’ve all seen stuff on TV that we felt was questionable at times.

Whether it be the infamous Wardrobe Malfunction at the Super Bowl to graphic news coverage, there have been times that TV producers have pushed the envelope more than they should in order to meet artistic goals (or to gain a little press for themselves).

No longer is after 10p considered safe harbor for language or nudity, as cable channels don’t have to adhere to the same FCC regulations that broadcasters have to contend with.  So the broadcasters are forced to make programming decisions that reflect today’s society.

But just because they CAN make these choices, doesn’t mean they SHOULD make these choices.

Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication
Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication

That’s why the FCC receives TONS OF COMPLAINT EMAILS ABOUT BROADCAST PROGRAMMING, all in an effort to make what’s aired on television more mainstream and acceptable to family audiences.

Whether it be TV characters discussions about graphic sexual activity or the appearance of a cartoon butt crack (hey TV executives: cartoon nudity is still considered nudity!) — if you’re easily offended by something, chances are you’ll be able to see that on some program that airs between 8p and 10p on any network channel.

Maybe that’s why shows like American Idol or Dancing with the Stars are successful — not because the shows themselves offer any type of high-quality entertainment, but that for the most part the entertainment they provide is the most family-friendly around.  Who can complain about singing or dancing?

This all comes down to the original question, based on the FCC filings that were reviewed for the linked article:  WHAT IS THE MOST MISSPELLED WORD FOUND IN FCC DOCUMENTS?

According to the article, that word is “masturbate, and its many variants”.

Cue the NBC “more you know” theme here…