10 Things

10 Things You Don’t Know About… Golf on TV

Jack Graham at Golf Digest wrote a list of 10 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT GOLF ON TV back in 2004. I’m sure most of these are still valid.  Here are a few of the items that were raised – go read the article for the others.

  • Only half the shots you see are actually live.
    The commentators won’t tell you which shots are live and which are taped, and taped shots that are called by on-course announcers have the play-by-play done live on-air while the tape is played, by memory.
  • We know the hole truth.
    Some hole locations will work better for TV while others are more difficult to work with.  The TV producers will try to suggest to the tour officials which positions would be better suited for a televised schedule, and hopefully the course decisions will take those suggestions into account when planing hole locations.
  • We fiddle with the leader board.�
    Big names playing in the tournament go to the top of the chart, for more visibility.
  • You’ll learn much more if you watch on a weekday.
    During the week, announcers have more time to talk as the tournament’s storylines haven’t been developed yet.
  • Want to get on TV?  It’s easy.
    All TV producers want is an eye-catching gallery.  Cute babies always work, as does hovering around the player’s wives or girlfriends.
  • We miss plenty of shots, but none of Tiger’s.
    Because everyone wants to watch Tiger.