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How bad are food prices rising? Pork and beef way, way up

More and more Americans are being hit with higher grocery store bills, and it’s not all due to rising gas prices leading to an increase in transportation costs.

No, you aren’t seeing things when you browse through the “new low prices” sign at the grocery store — those “low prices” really aren’t lower than what they have been. In many cases, those “new low prices” are just a highlight of “hey, we don’t charge as much for this as the other guy is, but it’s still a higher price than you’re used to paying”.

The Economics of Food Price Volatility
The Economics of Food Price Volatility

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How to make a Christmas Budget

Do you make a holiday shopping budget every year?

You know, how you carefully decide that you’re not going to spend any more than, say, $200 total over the course of the holidays… and then end up spending $1300 instead because you just end up going crazy at the mall?  Everything’s on sale!  Gotta get it now, now, now!

Christmas Rush - A Soundtrack For Your Holiday Shopping Experience
Christmas Rush – A Soundtrack For Your Holiday Shopping Experience

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Not double-bagging your groceries can kill you

There are many different, silly ways to die – at least, that’s what the video says:


But who knew that you could die just because of how you carry your groceries?

Red Large Reusable Nylon Grocery Tote Bag
Red Large Reusable Nylon Grocery Tote Bag

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Cereal is a man’s food – no women allowed

A good bowl of cereal and Saturday morning cartoons were a rite of passage for many growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. Today’s kids don’t know what quality kids-oriented TV programming was, since everything now has to be sanitized to ensure that nothing is directly marketed towards kids.

Remember McDonaldland and all the fun characters that Ronald McDonald used to hang out with?  Don’t see them much on TV anymore, do you?  It’s a surprise that they still show up at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, considering the promotional aspect of having a clown as your spokesman.

Cap'n CrunchCap’n Crunch

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Supermarkets throw away $2,300 worth of food every day

Remember when Web Watch told you about FOOD EXPIRATION DATES?  All about how you can determine the shelf life of food?

And then we told you that it wasn’t just food that could expire, but that COSMETICS HAVE EXPIRATION DATES too?

Well, you at home aren’t the only people who pay attention to the SELL BY, BEST BY, or USE BY dates that you find on your local supermarket products.

It should come as no surprise that the supermarkets themselves do the exact same thing.  And throwing out all that allegedly “expired” food costs each supermarket, on average, about $2,300.

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Who is Trader Joe? Meet the Man, the Myth, the Legend…

Trader Joe’s.

Those two words conjure up all sorts of feelings from those who frequent any of the Trader Joe’s specialty grocery stores around the country. Inexpensive (do not call it cheap) wines, candies, and prepared frozen foods from around the world, brought to you by pleasant, happy, Hawaiian-shirt wearing, bell-ringing employees.

Shouldn’t every company be like Trader Joe’s?

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Comparing grocery store prepared foods to homemade: which is better?

Web Watch is a fan of supporting our local grocery stores and their prepared food sections.

Whether it be picking up a hot rotesserie chicken from Sam’s Club, Costco, or the local grocery store; a rack of ribs, freshly smoked; a dinner plate made to order right at the meat counter; or even the fish department steaming your purchase while you shop — grocery stores have discovered that providing ready-to-eat food is a great way to supplement their bottom line.

Why? Because Web Watch likes to eat, but doesn’t always have time to cook.

Sure, we know it’s more expensive to buy a chicken that’s already seasoned and heated for us over going through that process ourselves, but for now we’re okay with that.

To paraphrase Cookie Monster, “prepared, ready-to-eat foods are a sometimes meal”.

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Seven foods that you should never, ever eat

Eat This Not That 2012
Eat This Not That 2012

Sometimes you really are what you eat.

Prevention Magazine took a look at some common household grocery items, consulted with healthcare experts, and came up with a list of SEVEN FOODS THAT YOU SHOULD NEVER EAT.