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Top Food Trends to Watch in 2011

Working the Plate: The Art of Food Presentation
Working the Plate: The Art of Food Presentation

Web Watch enjoys food – whether it be the business of running a food place, the art of creating delicacies, or random food-related TV shows, food can be very entertaining.

Both the National Restaurant Association and food trend firm Technomic have released their lists of 2011 restaurant trends – so be on the lookout for these over the next few months as you go out to eat at your favorite place.

  • Locally sourced, grown, or hyper-local meats, seafood, produce
  • Sustainability as a culinary theme, such as sustainable seafood
  • Nutritious children’s meals
  • Gluten-free/food allergy-conscious items
  • Back-to-basics cuisine
  • Farm-branded ingredients
  • Adult “Mad Men” style cocktails.  Web Watch can attest to this, having attended a stylish cocktail demonstration a while back that showcased the proper way to mix classic cocktails albeit with a modern twist.  While the chocolate martini was a smash hit, the garlic-infused vodka (perfect for bloody marys) was not very pleasant when tasted on its own
  • Food trucks or temporary restaurant locales
  • Social media
  • Korean and beyond.
  • More price awareness, whether it be from those looking to save or those willing to spend more for higher quality
  • Improved convenience store menus
  • Healthy vs. indulgent

Source: National Restaurant Association’s list, Technomic’s list