Meet Gentry Stein: the 2014 World Yo-Yo Champion

This is Gentry Stein, the 2014 World Yo-Yo Champion.

So what are the rules for being a WORLD CHAMPION YO-YO EXPERT?

First, you have to do a 3 minute freestyle routing set to music. Music is a major portion of the program, as the contestant can discuss options with the judges if there is a music playback malfunction.

No starting a routine with a “sleep”. The performance must start with the yo-yo in the contestant’s hand.

The yo-yo must return to the contestant’s hand at the end of the routine. If not, there will be a deduction.  No bowing or any indicator that the routine is over is allowed in the middle of the routine.

No obscenities are allowed.

No taunting.

Some of the yo-yo tricks that are expected in the top division include:

  • The 360
  • Propeller
  • Bee-Sting
  • Meltdown Jump

Yo-Yo championship rules are pretty intense. Who knew that playing with a children’s toy would be so complicated?