Become a World Champion Auctioneer

You’ve seen good auctioneers and bad auctioneers.  But now you can become a WORLD CHAMPION AUCTIONEER yourself, for the low low price of $2,750 for the multi-day course.

See, it ends up that a bad auctioneer is really bad.  We’ve all been to those auction situations where the host ends up saying stuff like “I’ve been bid $50.  Do I hear $100 for this?  Anyone?  100?  How about you sir?  In the back, I see $75. Okay, now we’re at $75.”   I mean, it’s a real bore.  No wonder amateur auctions never raise as much money as you’d think.  Heck, we all saw what happend on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta when they tried to run a charity auction with NeNe, who had absolutely no clue how to run an auction, and they ended up raising practically nothing out of a stated goal of $1million.

A good auctioneer has an auction chant that this course will help get down pat.  You’ve heard it — “fowty-now-fowtyfibe-now-fibe-wiyagimme-fowtyfibe-now-fifty”.  This World Champion Auctioneer school believes in their teaching philosophy so much that they tell you up front that if you’ve never been to an auctioneer school before, you should go somewhere else before trying to become a World Champion Auctioneer.

I know what you’re saying – they may have the course, but does it live up to snuff?  Hell, yeah it does.  Some of their past students include:

  • Jill Marie Wiles, the International Women’s Champion
  • Matt Lowery, the 2008 World Champion Livestock Auctioneer
  • Trent Stewart, the 2007 World Champion Livestock Auctioneer
  • Gene Claft, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Auctioneer Champion
  • Michael Imbrogad, the Pacific World Reserve Champion Auctioneer
  • …and countless other winners and finalists