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Join WSOP champion Annie Duke at “Sucking Out On The Rivers” poker tourney

What are you doing on Wednesday May 27th?

If you didn’t like the outcome of this year’s Celebrity Apprentice… and who did?… then this is your chance to join in a little good natured revenge with proceeds going to Refugees International.

(I mean really – while I admit that the last few Celebrity Apprentice episodes were hysterically entertaining, everyone knows that the best quality finale would have been between Jesse James vs Annie Duke.  That would have been awesome.  And we would next like to see Annie and Jesse take on Dancing with the Stars next.  But I digress.) 

What do you need to do to join in the fun?  Just join poker champion Annie Duke at the SUCKING OUT ON THE RIVERS POKER TOURNAMENT at the Hard Rock Casino’s poker room in Las Vegas.

Annie Duke and renowned Joan Rivers impersonator Frank Marino are joining forces on this charity poker tournament.  Buy-in is $200 (with re-buys), and they expect a few poker pros to come out and join the fun.  There are also going to be 20 other Joan Rivers impersonators playing along, each one with a bounty on their head for the lucky player who knocks them out.

Advance information is saying that the tournament is going to start at 6pm, but considering how much fun this sounds like, I wouldn’t be surprised if it started later and ran long into the night.

Full press release after the break.

Annie Duke to host “Sucking out on the Rivers” Charity Poker Tournament, Sponsored by

Well-known Joan Rivers impersonator to host charity poker event in support of Refugees International alongside poker professional Annie Duke. The world’s top poker pros, regardless of endorsement deals, are scheduled to play in the charity poker tournament along with over 20 Joan Rivers impersonators.

Miami, FL (PRWeb) May 20, 2009 – Fans of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice may need to do a double take on May 27th after seeing Annie Duke join forces with archrival Joan Rivers at a charity poker tournament in Las Vegas. Leading online poker site today announced the sponsorship of the Sucking out on the Rivers charity poker tournament in support of Refugees International.’s own Annie Duke will be hosting the event alongside Frank Marino, a well-known Joan Rivers impersonator, and nearly all of the top poker pros in Vegas are already on board to play in the charity tournament.

“I think that after this poker tournament, the real Joan Rivers will quickly realize that poker players are good-natured people – professional people with respected occupations and families – who really want to change the lives of those less fortunate,” stated Annie Duke. “As poker players, we’re all banding together, not just to prove a point to Joan, but to actually change the world.”

While the charity poker tournament will be co-hosted by a Joan Rivers impersonator, the real Joan Rivers went head-to-head with Annie Duke on the most recent season of Celebrity Apprentice. The often abrasive and brash comedienne told Annie, on camera, that all poker players were white trash and that none of them had last names, suggesting that those who love poker are automatically linked to organized crime.

Rivers’ opinion has drawn the ire of virtually everyone in the poker world, which is made up of doctors, lawyers, accountants, astrophysicists and other professionals. The world’s top poker players and several Hollywood celebrities are slated to play in the charity poker event to show that there’s a lot of good that comes from poker. Over 20 Joan Rivers impersonators will also be playing in the event and each one will have a bounty on his or her head. Poker fans can secure their spot in the tournament for $200 and the No Limit Texas Hold’em tourney features rebuys and add-ons to help the prize pool grow even higher.

100% of the prize money will go to the winner with half of it being directed to charity. While Nevada gaming laws prohibit money being given directly from the prize pool to charity, the winner may volunteer to donate half of their winnings to the charity in keeping with what had been done in previous charity events hosted by

The Sucking out on the Rivers Charity Event, sponsored by, DeepStacks University, Hard Rock Poker Lounge, and WSOP Academy, gets underway on May 27th at 6pm at the Hard Rock Casino Poker Lounge. The event will be preceded by a Red Carpet ceremony at 5pm.

For tournament information and registration contact: Hard Rock Poker Lounge at 702-69FLUSH