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How Long Can You Hold Your Pee at the Movies?

Does this ever happen to you?

You go to the movies and stop at the snack bar for the “small” soda and popcorn before settling into your seat.  Then you sit through 10 minutes of slideshow movie trivia and 20 minutes of trailers before the movie you came to see finally starts.

And then you have soda regret.  The opening credits are rolling, and your bladder is full.  But you’ve been waiting for this film for months – you don’t want to miss anything by running out to the bathroom now… 

Pop quiz.  What do you do, hot shot?  What do you do?

Luckily, all you needed to do was visit RUN PEE before you headed out to the theater.  It lists exactly when you can safely run out to the bathroom (or, for those of you with iron bladders, back out to the snack bar for a refill), along with how long you can be away from your seat and exactly what it is you’re going to be missing while you’re away.

For example, if you’re planning on seeing Star Trek, you would know that there is a 3-minute window at about the 50-minute mark right when the Captain says, “Chekov, you have the con”, along with three other quality pee break moments.

The site is relatively new, so they’re looking for more films and their pee times by movie lovers like yourselves who can add that information.  Unless films like Adventureland that don’t have any pee times listed are empty because you can pee at any time during the film.

Of course, being a publically-edited site, Run Pee does run into some jokers.  The pee times listed for Hannah Montana: The Movie are at 30 minutes and 90 minutes.  The pee break at the 30-minute marks says:

Go home right after the previews and pee for as long as you please in the comfort of your own home. You wont miss anything.

And the 90-minute pee break description isn’t much more informative.

RunPee exactly one hour and thirty minutes into the movie when it ends and your daughter lets you leave.  What did you expect? Seriously, if you don’t have kids with you, you’ve already been flagged by the FBI. You might as well sit through the damn thing.