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How To Find Celebrities’ Real Names

Some celebrities use their real names.

Some celebrities use an alias.

NOM DE GUERRE bills itself as “the Real People’s Real Name Resource of Pseudonyms and Aliases”.  Granted, it hasn’t really been updated since around 2003, so some of the more recent names you might be looking for are probably missing.

But it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.  Here’s a game you can play with your friends:  give them the celebrities’ real name, and have them guess what the celeb name is.  Let’s see how that would work:

  • Leslie Sebastian Charles  (Billy Ocean)
  • Lawrence Tureaud  (Mr. T)
  • Natalie McIntyre (Macy Gray)

Of course, there is the opportunity for a little humor in the list.  Whose original name is “Hallowed”?